Monday, February 21, 2011

Omaha Regionals, 2/19/11

Drove down from Rapid City to Sioux Falls and hung out with the my friends there. Didn't get any sleep, which turned out to be a mistake. In the morning, drove down to Omaha and registered. Pulled an Ultimate Loki and a Stardust Shimmer, managed to trade up my Loki for something, can't remember what. Traded for a bunch of stuff.

First Match; GB, 2-1
Fun game, the guy wasn't bad, but he didn't abuse Retiari as much as he could have and eventually lost to The Ultimate Nightmare. Don't remember much.

Match 2; GK, 1-2
Auto-lost game one. Game two and three, sided in Mystical, Spell-Shattering Arrow, and Forced Back. He was mad, each game I took out both Necrovalley. Game 2 I won, game three he won after a close game. He was cool, He wanted to be Facebook friends.

Match 3; Chaos LADD deck? 2-1
Some sort of Chaos deck that focused on LADD. It was really good. We had a close match, each game I won because of Trunade over a game push. Game three, he got me to 100 life points with DAD, Chaos Sorc, and another monster. I Black Rose'd him and set Limit Reverse, then stalled until I could push for game. Good match.

Match 4; Scraps, 2-1
He was mad. Game one he won quickly because of a first turn Royal Decree. Game two, I went first and set Sangan, then he opens with Consecrated Light. I thought I was done, but he couldn't follow through under my Forced Back, and I managed to set Level Eater and Dark Tinker, then flip summon them all and synch for Brionac. Dump Yubel and Doom Shaman, then controlled the game. Game three was fun, I had control for pretty much the whole game. He was mad that he lost to a scrub deck :D

Match 4; X-Saber, 1-2, Dropped.
Game one was sweet. I opened the nuts and just destroyed him. He seriously had no chance. He finally summoned Brionac and got rid of his whole hand to get rid of Yubel, then I synchro swarmed and attack for game the next turn. After that, I sided out all my draw cards for control, and I think that's what lost me the next two games, since my control cards could have been useful if I had drawn anything to go with them, but pretty much I just drew Yubel forms the whole game. Dropped at that point because there was no chance I could have gotten to the finals, and I was tired.

I left pretty soon after that. On the way back, I could barely keep my eyes open, so I stopped on the side of the road somewhere and took a nap for 45 minutes or so. That helped, but about an hour later I blacked out and ran into the guardrail on a bridge. The damage wasn't really bad, but took out the running board on the driver's side and it put a bubble in the back tire. I called AAA and got a guy to come look at it. He managed to fix it well enough that I could drive it home, then I got it fixed the next day. 491 dollars, though, plus a 120$ ticket for careless driving, which sucks.

Had fun.
Got some good trades and pulled okay things.
People kept misplaying in the face of Yubel :D "WTF do I do to get rid of this?"

Bottomless F****** Trap Hole on my Doom Shaman.
Drew at least two Yubel forms in my opening hand, every single game, seriously.
Ran into a guardrail on the way home due to lack of sleep, cost 611 dollars all told. Sucks, lost any semblance of profit.